The mother of a Victorian female public student is damn cross at Kambrya College staff for dispensing sensible advice:

According to Ms Manning’s post, the girls were told not to post photos of themselves online and to reject any requests from their boyfriends for “sexy selfies”.

They were also instructed to check the length of their skirts and told “that anything that doesn’t touch their knees or below by Monday morning would be deemed inappropriate”.

“They were informed that this was to ‘protect their integrity’,” Ms Manning wrote.

“They were told the boys are distracted by their legs and that boys don’t respect girls who wear short skirts.

Isn’t the whole point of a short skirt the creation of interest?

Anyway, if knee length skirts are the school rule, Kambrya College administrators might want to take at look at the school’s home page.

skirt length

Education doesn’t attract the brightest sparks.

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