Droves of Queensland professionals are naively changing careers:

From marine biologists to dietitians, a growing number of professionals are ditching their jobs to take up teaching in what is being called the ‘big switch’.

Kyle Anstee, a civil engineer and part-time comedienne, explains:

He said he loved teaching and that the best thing was: “They laugh at my jokes and I don’t get bottles of beer thrown at me”.

Beer bottles are dangerous, whereas erasers, bits of food, paper wads and tampons reddened with Texta bouncing off the back of your head while your back is turned writing on the board can be shrugged off.

Associate Professor David Geelan has challenged unhappy professionals to take up the challenge.

“But not everyone is cut out to be a teacher.”

He said the attrition rate from the profession was relatively high, around 40 per cent in the first five years.

The most likely to pack it in are those with the highest hopes:

And the most positively motivated teaching students – those who initially planned to stay in teaching the longest – suffered the greatest drop in confidence and satisfaction once they started working.

It’s a mug’s game.

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