Don’t drive in the north of France at night and if you must, don’t stop:

A group of migrants hoping to reach the UK ambushed a truck driver in Calais in an attempt to use the vehicle to cross the border…

Nothing new:

[The truck driver] said this kind of blockade was commonplace on the journey, that it has been going on “for weeks and months” and that “every night” he dealt with similar problems of migrants blocking roads in the hope of climbing onto the vehicles while they were at a standstill.

The British are funding the great wall of France:

Work is set to begin next month on a giant wall, funded by Britain, which aims to block migrants from trying to jump aboard lorries heading for the port of Calais. However, aid organizations say it is a waste of money and “nothing will deter” the migrants from attempting to reach their desired destination.


And the problem isn’t confined to the port city as “lorry drivers are now being advised not to stop withing 150 km of Calais.”

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