A brief, tense exchange between Anglican Rector Ian Powell and Bill Shorten:

“You described people who weren’t in favour of changing the definition of marriage as ‘haters who come out from under rocks’. Can I ask you not to speak like that?” Rector Powell said.

Mr Shorten said he was not being quoted accurately and did not want to be hectored.

Here’s the Shorten quote; you decide if Powell is accurate:

“I don’t believe that people’s relationships and love for each other need to be submitted to a public opinion poll. And I think we’ve seen two terrible events in the last week [June 2016] which show that hate and extremism does exist in modern societies”. 

“I don’t want to give the haters a chance to come out from underneath the rock and make life harder for LGBTI people.”

Malcolm Farr – news.com.au – gets it totally wrong:

A search of Mr Shorten’s transcripts did not find a reference to opponents to same-sex marriage coming out from under a rock, but he has referred to some people, such as Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, as homophobes.

No matter how you look at it, Powell makes a valid point about Shorten’s loose talk.

Update: Farr has corrected:

Mr Shorten did say at the news.com.au/Facebook election debate: “I don’t want to give haters a chance to come out from under the rock and make life harder for LGBTI people or their families, to somehow question the legitimacy of their relationship.”

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