An ABC News exclusive over the past weekend:

It is almost a cliche how quickly women are shamed, even when they are the victims of criminal behaviour as appears to be the case following reports of the exposure of a major child pornography ring in Australia.

The news that teenage boys and men had been secretly stealing and exchanging sexual photos of school-age girls and women triggered widespread horror and condemnation and prompted investigations by police.

The linked ABC article says nothing about the photos being stolen.

But some of the backlash has been directed at girls themselves for taking and sharing naked photos in the first place.

Advising teenaged girls not to share compromising photos is hardly a “backlash”.

Both the high school pornography ring and the gendered response to it stem from the same perverse source: our hostility toward young women who act in ways society deems to be unacceptably sexual. The boys stealing photos of their female classmates learned such contempt for women from somewhere.

When we constantly shame young women for being sexual, we cannot be surprised when young men absorb it, and act it out.

The ABC article is paradoxically titled, “‘Don’t take nude selfies’ and other ways men treat women with contempt.” It should be titled “Don’t take nude selfies and then have a sad about it when they become public.”

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