Human Rights Commission supremo Jillian Triggs warns Australians to be “alert” to and “alarmed” at the unprecedented erosion of our basic rights:

“Respective parliaments have failed to protect the fundamental human freedoms in Australia, and our judges sadly have not taken up the challenge to strike down legislation that violates common law rights that are as ancient as the Magna Carta.”

Any reasonable person would assume Triggs, as an outspoken supporter of basic rights, is in favour of dumping the free speech-inhibiting section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. Nope, 18c doesn’t rate a mention:

Professor Triggs said [Australia] now lagged behind other countries on issues such as offshore detention, counter-terrorism laws and marriage equality, and that both parliament and the judiciary were to blame.

“Lagging behind” and doing what’s right for Australia are not the same.


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