The Burning Man festival has split into opposing camps: hippies on one side and monied try-hard pseudo-Bohemians on the other:

An exclusive camp at Nevada’s Burning Man festival has been raided by angry festival-goers who accused the venue of betraying the “inclusive” principles of radical self-reliance the festival was founded on.

In a post on its Facebook page, the White Ocean Camp said their venue was raided by “hooligans” who cut power cords, destroyed property and “glued our trailer doors shut”.

It’s class warfare:

The reaction to the raid has been mixed, with many suggesting the White Ocean venue, which was started by Timur Sardarov — the son of a Russian oil magnate — was targeted for being part of the “parasite class”.

“I remember before the wealthy Silicone (sic) Valley snobs took over the Black Rock Desert with all their commercialism the Burning Man was a free event,” one Facebook user wrote on the White Ocean page.

“The whole Burning Man event should be burned to the ground it is so elitist and exclusionary.”

Light the bonfire, already.

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