Senior students studying political and legal studies at Ballajura Community College, one of Western Australia’s much touted – by WA’s Education Department – Independent Public Schools, were asked to submit questions to be addressed to Labor politicians visiting the school. The Education Department intervened:

MPs were sent a list of questions they were to be asked by students in the days leading up to the event, which were largely about policy issues related to their portfolios.

But Labor MPs were then contacted again to be told the Department of Education had deemed those questions “too political” and students were forced to rewrite questions to be more generic in nature…

Questions related to policy issues were not permitted.

The boss pleads ignorance:

When asked about the issue in Parliament earlier, Education Minister Peter Collier said he was not aware of any direction from the department.

“I would be surprised if that were the case. I certainly had nothing to do with it,” he said.

Mr Collier said he had visited the same school a week prior and received “plenty of political questions”.

A valuable lesson on the power of the bureaucracy.

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