An excerpt from the promo blurb for an ABC radio Nightlife program on free speech:

Plenty of our Coalition pollies are itching to make changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act which they say infringes on our free speech – so what’s the act all about? And how do we balance the right to free speech with the responsibility to speak respectfully?

The thrust of the program is that 18C doesn’t really restrict free speech. Yet the first caller put to air is abruptly terminated mid sentence because he doubts that opponents of same sex marriage will be allowed to say anything negative without being labelled bigots. The second caller, however, is allowed to ramble on and on about hate speech. That’s our ABC.


  1. Please give my money back. I could not stand to watch the ABC since they took off their most educatipnal program years ago. And that showcwss Mr Squiggle.


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