A Swedish school teacher has quit her job rather than shake the hand of a male colleague:

“The man felt tremendously discriminated against by her,” Helsingborg Kunskapsskolan principal Lidija Münchmeyer told Swedish newspaper Expressen.

“The school doesn’t differentiate between people or treat them differently. That’s what we advocate from our students, so the staff also have to do that.”

El-Sakka stopped working at the school as a result and also reported the event to Sweden’s Equality Ombudsman. Because she is a member of Swedish trade union Unionen, the case has been referred to the union instead.

It’s an ongoing “problem”:

There have been a number of similar rows over handshaking in Sweden recently. In July, a man lost his job at a local council for refusing to shake hands with female colleagues.

The most high-profile case meanwhile was that of Yasri Khan, a former Green Party politician who resigned in April due to controversy caused by his refusal to shake a TV reporter’s hand in an interview.

Who should conform, society or the individual?

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