With the apparent success of Fight Like a Girl – it’s number one at Readings and at the Amazon Australia Kindle store, in the feminist theory category (56 overall) – Clementine Ford experiences considerable swelling in her already distended cranial region:

A body of work consisting entirely of endless variations on the “women are victims” theme. Wow.

Update: A female accounts for awarding a one star rating at Amazon:

My husband got me this through Kindle. I wont lie i was hounding him to get me this so i had something to read on my commute to work. I am not familiar with Fords work but had this book recommended by a colleague who was, so i gave it a shot. I am not a feminist but am starting to paint a picture as to where it has gone wrong. Can someone point out the chapters addressing the mistreatment of women in third world countries and what feminism is doing for these women? It seems like one white priviledged woman preaching to the masses of white priviledged women about how hard society is. Definitely not my cup of tea and not a book to perhaps recommend to a friend who’s looking into feminism as a whole. The same day i started reading this was the same day i received a text from my mother telling me my grandmother has dementia….and the text was the second worst thing i read that day

Yep, that sums up feminist Ford quite nicely.

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