Nothing fires up lefties quite like a protest:

In one of the most stirring acts of political defiance to be seen in recent years, Polish women last week participated in an economic protest to mark their opposition to proposed changes to their country’s abortion legislation.

Dubbed ‘Black Monday’, the extraordinary action saw thousands of women go on strike, forcing government offices, universities and schools in dozens of cities across Poland to close their doors for the day.

That is, of course, Clementine Ford, using the single source – The Independent – to report workplace shutdowns that didn’t happen. With polling showing only 11% popular support for the proposed abortion legislation, passing the bill would have been suicidal political defiance.  And the women’s protest was meant to be political, not economic:

The strike didn’t have a huge visible impact in the sense of affecting economic life in Poland. Even in large cities like Warsaw almost all shops were open and companies and offices went about their day-to-day business. 

But then bringing the economy to a halt was never a realistic goal even though some companies, museums and restaurants did allow female staff to take a day off.

It takes a few paragraphs of Clemmy slagging off Catholics until the inevitable attack on the imaginary hyper-oppressor, the patriarchy:

One of the most spurious arguments made in relation to feminism is that women must be conciliatory and kind to men if we want them to ‘give’ us our fundamental human rights.

Such thinking is anathema to the one of the core values of gender equality, which is that women must be able to fight on their own terms for their own liberation rather than replicate patriarchal ideals of masculine leadership and heroism.

Jeez, I must be totally out of touch; when, where and by whom were these arguments put?

And fighting for survival is something women are particularly good at. We have been doing it for millennia, asserting our right to self determination and autonomy even when the social systems we are born into oppose us at every turn.

Most often, these acts of revolutionary disruption occur on micro levels: that is to say, in the home, the schoolyard, the places in which we work and our broader communities. In short, the places in which we have historically been confined and, more importantly, been made to feel we belong.

Ford some time back declared her very own macro revolution but it didn’t quite get off the ground.

But we are capable of wielding much greater power than that. According to some reports, the Polish action was inspired by a 1975 protest in Iceland.

Known as the ‘Day Off’, more than 90 per cent of the country’s female workforce absented themselves from work for the day (both paid and unpaid), refusing to go to their places of employment or to perform any domestic tasks so that they might take a stand against wage and workplace inequality.

Given Iceland’s population, that was maybe six women, all of them kin.

What if the women of Australia were to protest in a similar way to demonstrate the remarkable power we can have as a block? If we took a national Day Off like the women of Iceland (recognising that workplace instability is one of the key ways women are disadvantaged economically and that striking therefore might not be a feasible option for all)?

If we were to fight back in this fashion, as a union of women demanding the rights that belong to us, it might not just be the people in charge who realise just how strong we can be. Maybe, just maybe, we might realise it too.

What if Clemmy had to actually work for a living, like most males and females?

Anyway, the best is saved for last:

As a class, women continue to be exploited and devalued.

Up the women, eh comrade?

Update: Comrade Clem has been on strike since July, her most recent episode of the “monthly” The Misandry Hour, but is still raking in the dough via Patreon – two hundred dollars a week for nothing ain’t bad and should provide nappies for her newborn and then some.

Update II: Hoping to ride the popularity wave, my book, Fight Like a Girl: Grab ’em and Yank, should be out in time for Christmas.

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