Simon Peisley and partner Tabitha – must… resist… name… joke … temptation – Lean are on trial, accused of sending “anonymous” threats to themselves at work:

An Adelaide couple who worked for SA Health developed a “clever, sophisticated and well-executed” scam involving fake racist threats to receive benefits including taxpayer-funded accommodation and interstate trips, a court has heard.

The “threats” cost the government plenty:

[Prosecutor Chris Edge] said the threats directly related to the defendants’ employment and described “horrible things would be done to the defendants and their children if Ms Lean did not step aside from her role with Aboriginal Health”.

Edge said because the threats were directly related to their jobs, SA Health agreed to cover the costs of relocating the defendants and their three young children from their home in Elizabeth to a serviced apartment in North Adelaide.

He said many other costs were incurred by SA Health included ongoing wages, medical appointments and interstate trips.

The court also heard the couple were in negotiations with SA Health for a compensation payout of $580,000, which constituted the attempted deception charge.

Almost as good as a first division lotto win, had it paid out.

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