No, not the easy on the eyeball Wicked Weasel, rather hectoring femifascist Clementine Ford, who uses weasel words in attempting to extract herself from self-created difficulty.

First, some background. Ford has a penchant for calling out males for supposed misbehaviour in public, these attempts at shaming invariably resulting in self-embarrassment. Here, for example, Ford seeks to identify an alleged abuser of the homeless.  And here we have Ford seeking to identify a man who allegedly spoke ill of homosexuals.

It’s typical then that Ford earlier this week sought to name and shame an alleged harasser of females. In a follow-up, Ford claims to have investigated the supposedly autistic perpetrator:

Facts evidently matter very little. It doesn’t matter that the family member I spoke with confirmed this man wasn’t on the [autism] spectrum. It apparently doesn’t matter that he has appeared almost twenty times in the Magistrates Court in the last year. It doesn’t matter that he was only targeting women and that a high five forced on us by the strange, erratic men we’ve not only been told to be wary of but have prior experience in being made uncomfortable by might just feel a bit more threatening than it would to the men who are invariably not targeted by this kind of behaviour regularly. 

This tells us exactly nothing. The man might well suffer from a mental disorder other than autism. And it isn’t really relevant that he’s appeared in the Magistrates court almost twenty times for unspecified offences, possibly shoplifting.

If Ford truly knows this man’s identity and is sure of his on-going harassment of females why doesn’t she identify him as a public service?

Finally, Ford undermines her credibility by comparing a man guilty of nothing to three murderous sexual predators, including the murderer of Jill Meagher:

When Adrian Bayley admitted to police in 2012 that he had raped and murdered Jill Meagher, he offered this explanation:

“She flipped me off and that made me angry, because I was actually trying to do a nice thing.”

The sad truth is that we can't afford to give harassers the benefit of the doubt.
The sad truth is that we can’t afford to give harassers the benefit of the doubt. Photo: Stocksy

According to Bayley, he had been drawn to Meagher because she looked “lost” and “distraught”. He wanted to help her, he said, but she refused. So he followed her down a Brunswick side street, dragged her into an alleyway and exacted his revenge on her.

Such crimes are unlikely to occur on a crowded tram in the middle of the day.

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