Way back in the 1960s stateside late night TV news was prefaced with “It’s 10 PM, do you know where your children are?” Today’s parents don’t ever seem to care where their children are or what they’re doing:

A high school in Western Australia’s Goldfields was left looking like a “war zone” after being trashed by vandals, says the state’s Education Minister Peter Collier.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community High School will be closed on Monday due to new classrooms, built as part of its $45 million dollar redevelopment, being extensively damaged at the weekend.

On Friday the Minister had returned to the school he graduated from in 1976 to officially open stage one of the redevelopment.

Mr Collier said he was devastated to learn less than 24 hours later the school had been trashed.

Three 13 year-olds and a 10 year-old possibly involved in the vandalism were apprehended very early Sunday morning after attempting to smash their way into a Kalgoorlie shop:

Kalgoorlie Police were called to a Target store on Saturday night, after a group of youths climbed onto the roof.

Two of the boys were arrested in a nearby carpark, while police dog Storm tracked the third and a 10 year old boy to a nearby construction site.

The teenager was taken to Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital for treatment to dog bites to his face, buttocks and thigh.

Police have charged the three teenagers with a string of events, including two separate burglaries at the Kalgoorlie Boulder Community School, including one last month.

They have also been charged with burglary at the Eastern Goldfields College, trespass, and criminal damage to the Target store.

The 10-year-old boy has been charged with aggravated burglary and stealing in relation to the college.

Police dog Storm, in anticipation of possible racial discrimination charges, is seeking legal advice.

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