Danish seekers of hygge – cosiness –  are into candles in a big way. Not good:

Lars Gunnarsson, a professor at the Danish Building Research Institute, warns that the the pursuit of hygge at all costs has pushed Danish consumption of candles to a dangerous high. 
“In Denmark we are amongst the world’s highest consumers of candles. It is quite extreme in an international context that we use so many,” he told TV2. 
“I can see that this “hygge-junkie” conduct is very widely spread, judging by what I see among the people around me, and there’s no doubt that the particles given off by candles are very, very powerful.” 
Gunnarsson warned that perhaps a majority of the 3,000 Danes  who die each year as a result of particle pollution suffered their main exposure as a result of excess candle-burning.
Lucky I’m a right-winger; I burn books, not candles, to create cosiness.


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