“Far-right” candidate Norbert Hofer, narrowly defeated at a recent election so iffy it will be rerun in December, could well be Austria’s next president. Given his prominence, Hofer is invited to present his anti-immigration views at a debate hosted by The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID).

Lefties are, of course, demanding cancellation:

In an open letter to the IHEID, 110 students, alumni and professors pointed out that Hofer is associated with “numerous far-right groups and their causes, including Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and homophobia”.

Inviting him to speak at the institute “gives credence to his opinions and will serve to mainstream and normalize xenophobic and racist views,” it said.

Hofer’s presence at the IHEID would be “at odds with the very values of our institution,” said the students, calling for it to “set an example and not act as a platform for those responsible for promulgating opinions that have very real negative impacts on the lives of minorities in the European continent”.

IHEID officialdom refuses to be intimidated:

Speaking to the Tribune de Genève, Philippe Burrin, director of the IHEID, agreed that “what Mr Hofer represents is in contradiction with the values of the institute”.

However he recognized the growth of populist parties in Europe and said the debate was a chance to discuss the questions that arise from their immigration policy.

“To cancel this round table reinforces the idea of a plot led by the establishment. It’s better to listen to Norbert Hofer and contradict him,” he said.

The left extolling its values is ludicrous.

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