While filming at a military veteran-run boot camp for troublesome children, an ABC News crew captures a scene that occurs literally hundreds of time every day in schools right around Australia.

Noa Cthurmer was attending an eight-day boot camp on the Queensland Sunshine Coast held by Veterans 4 Youth, a for-profit organisation that started running the camps this year.

During breakfast on day five of the camp, Noa told another boy to move from the table. When a male instructor intervened a heated argument began between Noa and the adult, culminating in Noa spitting at and hitting the man in the face.

Another male instructor restrained Noa and told the other instructor to “walk away”.

The child’s parents are mortified for all the wrong reasons.

When 7.30 showed footage of the incident to Noa’s parents, Deborah and Michael Cthurmer, his mother said it “broke my heart”.

The Cthurmers, who have a farm in the New South Wales Blue Mountains, said they had informed Veterans 4 Youth about Noa’s challenging behaviour.

“Noa is diagnosed with oppositional defiance disorder and he also has Tourette Syndrome. The main problem would be anger,” Ms Cthurmer said.

“That [incident] just shows me there’s a complete lack of experience from their side there dealing with that.

“They embarrassed him, they belittled him in front of everybody.”

Noah’s excuse-making parents could be his main problem.


  1. So, according to the official diagnosis, as per the provided links, it’s not a mental disorder, but a behavioural issue.
    A problem that is clearly and heavily focused on the environment the child inhabits.
    One that is often squarely rooted in dysfunctional families and/or bad parenting or both.

    So, this then begs the silly question.
    Why did mummy dearest send her obviously badly behaved brat, off to a location that she must have known was focused on discipline and moral behaviour?
    Would it be to correct the bad behaviour?

    Then there is the issue of the do gooder clown that thought inviting the ABC in was ever going to be a nett positive.


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