Founded by visionaries in 1871, Perth’s Weld Club provides a safe space for well-heeled West Australians. The venue is unsuited, however, to use by the public.

Army officers have cancelled an annual black-tie dinner event after complaints were made to Defence top brass about it being held at an exclusive Perth men’s club.

In a move that puts the spotlight on gender politics in the Australian Defence Force, a dinner to be held at the Weld Club this month has been scrapped after a complaint or complaints were made about the membership policies of the 145-year-old Barrack Street institution, which allows only men to join.

Although female officers and female partners of the 30-odd couples scheduled to attend had been invited, it is believed those who complained had threatened to boycott the event if it went ahead at the Weld Club.

Meanwhile, the possible demise of a men’s-only organisation that helps the less-than-well-heeled is lamented.

A Darwin group that aims to help isolated men socialise and talk through their problems is facing an uncertain future after being told to leave its premises.

The Darwin’s Men’s Shed is one of three such groups in the Northern Territory, and has been using a space in the St Vincent de Paul building in Coconut Grove rent-free for the past three years.

Two weeks ago, St Vincent de Paul sent the group a letter saying it would have to move out by December 5. The men are now searching for a new home before they have to leave.

Success in life isn’t always a positive.


One thought on “SAFE SPACE SAVAGED

  1. I would not call that either positive, or a success.

    What I would like to know, is who was behind this scurrilous campaign. Especially given the release of the recent Wikileaks emails.

    Furthermore, it is clearly beyond time that the Politicly Correct morons in the Australian Military were pensioned off, and good strong men and women with backbone and courage recruited in their place.

    I am deeply ashamed of what the Australian Military has become, I am not the only one.


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