Ordinary Italians are less than delighted with the left-wing government’s open door policy:

Italy finds itself in a particularly challenging position with most of the new arrivals forced to remain in the country due to border blocks imposed by its neighbours.

Centres for asylum-seekers — now overwhelmingly located in former hotels– housed 66,000 people in 2014 and 103,000 by the end of 2015. That figure has now hit 171,000, and local authorities are struggling to find new places.

Despite the government’s plan to spread migrants throughout the country, with an average of three migrants per 1,000 inhabitants, many mayors are resisting, backed sometimes by protesting locals.

On Monday, people in Gorino, a village of some 700 people in the Delta delPo, erected barricades to prevent the arrival of 12 women in a hotel that had been requisitioned.

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“This is not how Italians do things,” raged the Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, though he was forced to allow the project to be abandoned and the women settled in elsewhere.

But Italy’s anti-migrant Northern League party praised “the new heroes of the resistance against the dictatorship of hospitality“.

That’s gotta be 2016’s best phrase so far.

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