Here we have a dumbass on an unregistered off-road bike, wearing no protective gear other than gloves and helmet, overtaking me at speed – I was running 10 kph over the limit when he whizzed past. In full on hey-look-at-me mode, the guy a few seconds later popped a decent little wheelie.

In the second photo you can just make him out overtaking outside the solid white line to the left of the cars.

I was sort of hoping the guy would wipeout at the roundabout ahead so I could go stand over him and laugh my ass off.


Cockhead 2.png


One thought on “HOW TO GET DEAD 101

  1. And when he wipes himself out he will add to the number of motorcycle deaths proving once and for all what an unsafe and irresponsible group motorcyclists are, including those of us who actually have licences, register our bikes, ride sensibly and wear the proper protective gear.


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