A rash of rioting in youth detention facilities around Australia.

Queensland kiddies occupy the roof, demanding “KFC, drugs, alcohol and computer games.”

In Victoria:

Police will question young offenders involved in a riot at Melbourne’s Youth Justice Centre at Parkville last night.

Police, including officers in riot gear and dog handlers, were called to the facility in Melbourne’s inner north after reports of a disturbance just before 9:00pm.

The situation was brought under control by about 11:00pm, a Department of Human Services spokesman said, and no-one was hurt.

Unconfirmed reports said offenders trashed cells and rioted on the facility’s roof.

The incident is the latest in a series of disturbances at youth detention facilities in Victoria this year.

At the higher-security Malmsbury juvenile jail last month, two teenagers were accused of ripping benches off walls and threatening staff with makeshift metal weapons.

Western Australia’s Banksia Hill is an ongoing problem:

Guards have used flash bombs and chemical spray to subdue a group of detainees in the latest incident at Banksia Hill juvenile detention centre.

Seven detainees were involved in the violence on Saturday afternoon, which included throwing bricks at guards and smashing windows in the facility’s Jasper Wing, the Department of Corrective Services has confirmed.

Centre staff are, of course, uneasy:

The Community and Public Sector Union said staff had reported over 45 assaults at the centre since the start of the year and believed the damage bill had totalled about $750,000.

Corrective Services minister Joe Francis is unsympathetic to the people who work with the young thugs:

“Some staff say they don’t feel safe to work there.

“I’ve turned up there in the last two weeks, walked around the playing field, without a panic button, without a duress button, without an escort, walked around while 50 odd kids were kicking the footy around and I felt safer there than I do in some parts of Australia.”

Yeah, public high schools.

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