A Perth man who pleaded guilty to 220 charges of abusing his adolescent daughter by offering her online for sex so that he could watch or participate is appealing the severity of his 22 and a half year sentence. The sub-human predator couldn’t afford to fund the appeal so he sought help.

A taxpayer-funded entity to the rescue:

Legal Aid WA defended its decision to fund the appeal, saying it had no choice in the matter, the case had legal merit and the organisation had the necessary funds.

“We have no choice, the principle is that a person has full access to justice and that includes ensuring that the sentence they receive is appropriate in the eyes of the law,” spokesman Malcolm Bradshaw said.

“For that reason we will analyse the legal merit put forward by their lawyer for the application and if legal merit exists we will grant the application.”

Mr Bradshaw said it was not surprising that in some cases it was difficult for people to accept.

“It’s understandable that members of the public might be outraged that people who’ve been convicted of extremely serious crimes, abhorrent crimes, receive this level of assistance … but the role of the Legal Aid Commission is to ensure people receive access to justice, full and proper access to justice,” he said.

Here’s a thought: put the predator into the general prison population and soon enough there will be no need to appeal a 22 1/2 year sentence that became the death penalty.

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