Lefties petition Channel 10 – 5,736 signatures – for the removal of conservative commentator Steve Price from The Project.

Steve Price supporters petition Channel 10 – 33,913 signatures at latest count – for an apology after feminist interjection.

Clementine Ford seeing the dispute as patriarchal hegemony, chimes in:

When Jamila Rizvi texted me on Sunday afternoon to ask for some advice in dealing with online abuse, I was sure something monumental had happened.

Rizvi has been working in media for a number of years now and has never shied away from sharing her feminist views with the public.

She is surely no stranger to the kind of gendered, personalised abuse that women (and feminist women of colour especially) receive on a regular basis. Why was she talking to me now about whether or not the police could help her with the men angling to track down her home address? (Note: in my experience, nah.)

What fabulous, brazen and provocative thing had Jamila said to incite the Internet’s resident Angry Men?

Not much, as it turns out. Appearing on an episode of The Project last week, Rizvi made the apparently egregious mistake of interrupting Steve Price.

He immediately threw a tantrum at which point host Carrie Bickmore told him to watch his tone. Women, colluding together! Since then, Rizvi has been abused online to the point where she opted to unpublish her Facebook page.

Here’s Ford’s reaction to a simple interjection:

Anyone who seeks Ford’s advice needs to have their head checked.

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