Self-proclaimed “nasty woman” Clementine Ford, an habitual Tweeter and Face-booker, has gone missing since Ben Fordham sprung her for maligning him.

Ford could use this lull in online activity to record a long overdue episode of her “monthly” Misandry Hour podcast, the most recent recording going public in early July¬†– and only six episodes in total over 18 months.

Granted Ford’s income from her Patreon Misandry Hour fundraising appeal has dropped considerably – from almost AU$2,000 a month to just over AU$800 – but she’s still raking in the dough for nothing.

And since Ford promises expenditure transparency, she should publicly state:

  • The total amount contributed.
  • The amount paid to guests.
  • The amount paid to the podcast’s producer.
  • The amount paid to Ford.
  • The amount currently banked.

It’s only fair given the promises made.

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