The alleged organisers of a murder communicate in code:

Mumtaz and Farhad Qaumi are standing trial for allegedly organising the December 2013 fatal shooting of standover man Joseph Antoun at his Strathfield home.

It is alleged the Qaumi brothers, who were senior members of the Sydney gang and the leaders of the Brothers 4 Life Blacktown chapter, arranged for Mr Antoun, a 50-year-old standover man, to be killed in exchange for money to buy a food business.

A Brothers 4 Life member, known as Witness J for legal reasons, has testified that the Qaumi brothers told him to “move” a .38 revolver that had been hidden in bushland.

Witness J said he later received a call from Farhad Qaumi, who said Witness J’s brother Witness K had been stopped by police with a weapon in his car.

The Supreme Court was played that tapped phone conversation in which the pair talked about someone being caught with “the un-gay in the ar-kay”.

In an exchange with crown prosecutor Ken McKay, Witness J confirmed this was pig Latin for being “caught with the gun in the car”.


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