Australian born “anti-nuclear warrior” Helen Caldicott is, at 78, loopier than ever. During a Radio New Zealand interview earlier today she asserts:

  • The United States is building bases all around China.
  • China is being encircled at the behest of Lockheed-Martin, setting up China as the new cold war enemy.
  • Lockheed- Martin benefits from “squirmishes” all around the world.
  • Defence stocks went up “over the roof” following Trump’s victory.
  • The U.S. is transferring military assets from the Mediterranean to the Pacific to “threaten” China.
  • China only has four bases in the Pacific whereas the U.S. has “over 400”.
  • China’s military buildup in the South China Sea is warranted as “all” of China’s trade passes through it.
  • America is challenging China – “how dare they?” – by taking warships into Chinese territory.
  • American ships “have no right, none” to be in the South China Sea.
  • The first U.S. warship to visit New Zealand since 1983 is a “Trojan Horse” that will lead to visits by nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed vessels.
  • The media is not providing accurate reportage of events in the Ukraine “where the U.S. set up a coup putting an ex-Nazi in charge”.
  • People in the U.S. State Department are promoting regime change in Russia.
  • The Russians lost 27 million people in WWII; “how dare” the U.S. meddle in Russian affairs?
  • The neo-cons in the U.S. government “work for the military-industrial complex”.
  • Lockheed-Martin “gives money to every single person running in Congress”.
  • “Over 60 cents in every discretionary tax dollar goes to the Pentagon.”
  • The military-industrial complex is the “most powerful orchestrated organisation in the world”.
  • The radio in the F-35 “striker-bomber” doesn’t work. “Nothing works.”
  •  Lockheed-Martin, so it could sell them weapons, pressured former Soviet satellite states to join NATO.
  • “NATO is America.”
  • NATO exercises in Europe are meant to “provoke” Russia.
  • “Putin is a bit paranoid being provoked by the U.S. all the time.”
  • Trump is better than Hillary “because she never saw a war she didn’t like” – a lucid moment.
  • Caldicott read On the Beach when she was about 16, which would have been three years before its publication.
  • Caldicott took control of a meeting with President Reagan, educating him on the perils of of nuclear war while reassuringly holding his hand.
  • She “accurately” diagnosed Reagan as suffering from “impending Alzheimer’s”.
  • America is going to spend $1 trillion “replacing every single nuclear missile, bomb, weapon, plane, the whole thing”.
  • “America is pushing, pushing Putin.”
  • “[Nuclear war] is the answer to global warming. I’m just being facetious.”
  • “Fossil fuel companies run the whole show. And the weapons companies.”
  • “Moral, brave New Zealanders, [are] the envy of the world.”

A couple of valid points amongst much insanity.


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