ABC News, of all places, is concerned about the pernicious proliferation of bogus news:

According to [technology commentator Paul] Wallbank, fake news has already been circulating on social media here in Australia with stories generated by supporters of the anti-halal movement, for example.

He said the US election had demonstrated the power of fake news, and he had no doubts it would be increasingly used in future Australian elections.

“We’re going to see increased use of if not fake news, then selective reporting of news — fake groups on Facebook and so on,” he said.

“You’re seeing all manner of pressure groups, political parties and so on creating these fake groups and using those to really push their agenda.

“This is a problem that is not going to go away, and if anything, we’re probably going to see it get worse over the coming years.”

How did fake news affect the US election?

And, who in their right mind relies on Facebook or any other social media for accurate reporting?

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