Terrorism expert and MP Dr Anne Aly, a Muslim, says she received death threats following Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s undisputed assertion that 22 of the 33 people charged with terrorism offences to date “are from second and third generation Lebanese-Muslim background.”

“Someone came out and said they would like to kill my family.”

While inappropriate, that comment would be an actual death threat had the lunatic threatened to kill.

Dr Aly told reporters she received an email saying Mr Dutton was correct and that she needed to go home and “take all her terrorist friends with her”.

“Now if I’m getting those kinds of emails, you can be sure that there are people out there in the communities, people out there in Liberal-held seats of Arab, or Muslim, or Lebanese background, or just any kind of migrant background who are also going to be getting comments like that in the streets.”

In parliament:


During a debate on equality, Dr Aly took issue with Coalition MPs pushing for reforms to section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act.

“I would ask those people whether they think that their right to free speech is better or more worthy than my right to feel protected,” she said.

“Am I a second class citizen, that my right to feel protected is less than someone’s right to be a bigot?”

Followed with a sob story:

Dr Aly recalled being bullied by two peers in primary school, with one girl spitting in her face and telling her that she was “a dirty Muslim, a dirty Arab and that she hated me because I didn’t believe in Jesus”.

After complaining to her teacher, she said she was told to stop being silly and “don’t be stupid”.

“That experience doesn’t define for me what Australia means, that experience I had in the playground that day didn’t equate with me saying Australia was a racist country,” she said.

 Then why bring up something that happened in primary school?

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