Victoria wants only the cream of the crop to take up teaching:

Only the top 30 per cent of Victorian students will be eligible for undergraduate teaching courses under the State Government’s plan to increase the minimum entry score.

From 2019, aspiring teachers will need an ATAR score of at least 70 after their final exams.

The Education Minister, James Merlino, said the current variation in entry scores was huge.

“You can have an ATAR of 30 and get into a teacher course today. Those people are just not ready to be teachers,” he said.

“As Minister for Education and as a parent I want the best and brightest teaching our children.”

That’s about as sensible as thinking raising prices will increase sales.

Professor Greg Craven from Australia Catholic University told AM the minimum entry score would make it harder for regional universities to attract students.

“This is largely a political thing. I think changing a number is the simplest way of showing that you’re doing something,” he said.

“What it will do, I think, is probably wipe out enormous ranges of opportunity in the regions, give Indigenous students [a] disadvantage.

“There’s a real danger that this proposal will pretty much annihilate the Victorian teacher workforce.”

Teachers with any sense at all bail out as soon as possible.

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