A motorcycle is my favoured form of transport which is why I own three. While out and about I often encounter middle-aged and older riders who are invariably friendly – I’m in my 60s.

Just the other day I was approached – while going through the checkout at the local shops – by a guy who had noticed my helmet in the trolley. We had an extended conversation about the joys of riding.

Such events are common. Harley riders are, however, an exception.

Earlier this week I was outside Bunnings getting ready to ride away when a middle-aged guy on a Harley pulled in next to me. He refused to so much as look at me. This is typical.

If I pull up next to Harley rider at a red light, chances are the rider will not so much as look at me whereas most riders will at least acknowledge presence my with a nod. The same applies when on the road: riders of Japanese and European bikes can be seen to look at and acknowledge other riders even on dual carriageways. Harley riders, on the other hand, stare straight ahead.

Come on guys, just because you’re riding 1950s tractor level technology tarted up with loud pipes and chrome weighing more than my bike and I can run circles around you doesn’t mean you can’t be friendly.


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