A Perth father stumbles on a new method for creating the next generation of meth addicts:

The man, who did not wish to be named, said he purchased the tub of Coles brand vanilla ice-cream on November 11, and sat down to have a bowl on Saturday evening.

“[I noticed] the substance about five minutes into my son eating it, when he told me there was ‘glass’ in his ice-cream,” he said. 

“My first reaction was shock and then I examined the shard, and realised it didn’t quite have the structure of most glass, so I firmly pressed it between my fingers and a little piece broke off.

“I then licked the little piece, as I thought it could just be crystallised sugar, or some other food additive not mixed properly, but I was shocked [to find it had] a very chemical taste,” he said.

“I cannot be 100 per cent certain what the substance was, as I didn’t have the tools to properly test it.”

However the man, who told WAtoday he was a three-year clean recovered drug addict, said he “knew what meth tastes like”.

The concerned father had the presence of mind to photograph the “foreign substance” but didn’t retain any for testing and apparently didn’t submit the ice cream for investigation. Unsubstantiated crap like this shouldn’t make the news.

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