A very sad tale from Western Australia’s mid-west:

A Geraldton woman who starved her baby daughter to death, had a history of ‘unsatisfactory parenting’ and a prior conviction for breaking the arm of her son when he was about 12 months old.

Tamara Thompson, 38, has pleaded guilty to unlawfully killing her daughter Destiny who was last seen alive in May 2015 when she was about three months old.

The infant’s badly decomposed body was found two months later in a supermarket cooler bag in a shed at the rear of the house Thompson shared with her partner and her two young daughters.

Destiny was Thompson’s sixth child. The child’s father was Thompson’s meth dealer.

I’m all for women having control over their bodies but since Thompson didn’t – she couldn’t properly look after her children or cope with a sixth – the government should have intervened, forcibly sterilising her, if necessary.

Given the variety and efficacy of modern birth control, unplanned pregnancies should be extremely rare, with little demand for abortion as a means of birth control. Australia’s most prominent abortion habitué disagrees:

As we ride out 2000 and suxteen, the reproductive assault hits just keep on coming. On Thursday, news broke that Ohio had just passed the most draconian abortion law to exist since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe Vs. Wade in 1973, essentially making it illegal for a woman to have an abortion by outlawing it once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

This is an example of “fake news”, here via a lie of omission. Ohio has enacted no new abortion laws. Rather, two bills have been sent to Governor John Kasich, one banning abortions beyond 20 weeks, the other banning abortions after a foetal heartbeat is detectable. Katich can only sign one into law, and has voiced opposition to the heartbeat bill, but might sign neither.

Never, ever, trust leftists to be truthful.


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