Self-proclaimed atheist Jew – less likely than atheist Muslim – Antony Loewenstein looks likely to be deported from Israel. Loewenstein, an Australian “journalist” and “best-selling author” with credentials granted by Israel’s government press office – so much for the notion that Jews are smarter than most – recently directed a supposedly difficult question to politician Yair Lapid:

“Is there not a deluded idea here that many Israeli politicians, including yourself, continue to believe that one can talk to the world about democracy, freedom and human rights while denying that to millions of Palestinians, and will there not come a time soon, in a year, five years, 10 years, when you and other politicians will be treated like South African politicians during Apartheid?”

This is typical Loewenstein language mangling: an idea cannot be deluded.

Bleating and bragging from Lowenstein at his blog:

  • For over a decade, I’ve been an independent journalist and best-selling author who has written for major media outlets from across the world, including the Guardian and New York Times, and I’ve worked and lived as an investigative reporter in some of the toughest places in the world including AfghanistanSouth Sudan and Honduras. I’m currently based in Jerusalem as an accredited, freelance journalist – my freelance credentials were accepted by the Israeli Press Office this year as I’m not formally associated with any media group – and have published my work this year in many publications including Newsweek Middle East, the GuardianThe Nation and The National.

  • Truly free nations respect and encourage free speech. They welcome it;

  • Real democracies value diversity of opinion.

The Guardian is less than supportive, however:

The Guardian distanced itself from Loewenstein. Its Jerusalem correspondent, Peter Beaumont, said he knew nothing about him.

The Guardian’s head of international news, Jamie Wilson, said Loewenstein was contracted to write comment pieces for Guardian Australia and remains an occasional comment contributor but he “is not a news correspondent for the Guardian in Israel.”

According to Honest Reporting, Loewenstein was told by the Guardian not to reference the publication at future press conferences unless he is working on a direct commission.

Loewenstein’s free speech has in no way been restricted. He was not prevented directing his question to Lapid and has discussed the reaction at length. Should he be evicted from Israel it’ll be because he’s an activist rather than a journalist.

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