Atheist “Jew” Antony Loewenstein is a staunch supporter of the anti-Israel, Palestinian-organised Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which opposes free speech by Israelis:

Speeches (including debates) at international venues by Israeli state officials or representatives of complicit academic institutions are boycottable.

All of Israel’s universities are apparently “complicit academic institutions”.

Yet known anti-Israel activist Loewenstein is – supported by The Electronic Intifada – kicking and wailing like a baby at the prospect of being booted from the country he detests, his free speech thereby supposedly infringed.

Loewenstein, obviously thinking his country of birth should intervene in the press credentials dispute, is told it’s a matter of exactly zero concern for Australia’s Foreign Ministry:

I contacted the Australian embassy in Tel Aviv yesterday to ask for advice on my situation in the hope that they would speak out strongly and publicly in favour of free speech in a self-described “democracy”. I wasn’t expecting much. The official was weak, however, and said that Australia couldn’t interfere in internal Israeli affairs. It was a curious and revealing attitude because embassies constantly get involved in other country’s business. In this case, being a “friend” of Israel means staying silent.

Running out of room to manoeuvre, fringe-leftist Loewenstein sought union intervention:

Australia’s biggest media union supports free speech in Israel

In the last 24 hours the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) union, Australia’s leading media union representing the country’s best journalists, (I’ve been a member since 2003/2004), has sent the following letter to the Israeli Ambassador in Australia, the Australian Ambassador in Israel, Dave Sharma, and the Israeli Government Press Office.

A couple of points:

  • Loewenstein might eventually be booted from Israel – he is obviously an anti-Israel activist – but he continues to enjoy complete freedom of speech.
  • The MEAA is, so far as I can determine, not the “leading media union”, it’s the sole national media union.
  • The MEAA doesn’t represent Australia’s “best journalists”, it represents all journalists who meet basic membership requirements.

Anyone who accepts Loewenstein as a credible source on any subject is dumber than he is.


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