Disaffected European youths have settled on a sport more invigorating than torching parked cars: igniting the homeless:

For the second time this month police have released CCTV footage relating to a shocking crime on the Berlin U-Bahn. Now the suspects have handed themselves to the police.

Police released the CCTV footage showing a group of teenagers and young men entering an U-Bahn train at Schönleinstraße on the U8 line.

In the footage, recorded on Friday evening, the group can be seen laughing among themselves.

According to the police report, the youths had just set fire to the clothes of a homeless man who was sleeping on a bench in the underground station.

The self-entertaining suspects:

According to a report in die Welt, one of the youths was Libyan, the others were Syrian. All had arrived in Germany since 2014.

As it turns out, Merkel’s “wir schaffen das” plea translates not as “we can do it”  but as “we can commit suicide”.

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