A young Perth motorcyclist has died after colliding with a car. The 15 year-old rider – too young to hold a license – was riding an unlicensed and lightless off-road bike when he crashed into the car around sunset.

Tributes are flowing for the deceased but police are less than happy with the circumstances:

Det-Const. Outred said the dirt bike was unregistered and should not have been on the road.

 He said Cotswold Parade was controlled by give-way signs and there were skid marks on the road but experts were yet to examine them.

“It’s illegal for anyone to ride any unregistered vehicle on a public road,” Det-Const. Outred said.

“We wouldn’t expect a crash of this nature, involving an unregistered trail bike, to occur on suburban roads.”

The driver of the car wouldn’t have expected it either.


  1. Where were this idiotic lad’s parents? Why is it that when some moron steals a vehicle and kills himself and perhaps others, that scores of people turn up to praise his memory as though he was some kind of saint? In fact, what happened is that the moron experienced the natural consequences of his own stupid and often illegal behaviour. I have no sympathy for such fools: what goes around, comes around!


  2. And, of course, this will add to the statistics for motorcycle deaths, proving that all those licences riders on registered (and roadworthy) bikes are menaces and should be banned.


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