Lefties are all-a-lather at Milo Yiannopoulos scoring a book deal with Simon and Schuster that sees him pocket a US$250,000 (AU$347,000) advance. Best-selling author Clementine Ford is beside herself with envy:

I’m skeptical that Milo Whinopoulos will sell anywhere near enough books to cover that $250k advance. Andrew Bolt only sold around 3000. And even if Milo sold ten times as many as that (or even 100x as many, audience scale adjusted) it would still not come close to 250k.

A fellow Twitternaut gently taunts Ford:


Ford’s Fight Like a Girl has apparently sold well in the puny Australian market, her proceeds paying part of the cost of a video game and dildo.

Milo’s book, which doesn’t come out until March 2017, is already a best-seller in the huge U.S. market – number one at Amazon via pre-order.

Should Ford’s ego continue expanding geometrically there’s the distinct possibility it will eventually collapse on itself, forming a black hole – or maybe a ranga hole – that consumes the solar system.





  1. I read somewhere that Ford has claimed to be mentally ill (difficult to believe, since she continues to write and publish reasonably lucidly, albeit from a relatively extreme end of the publishing spectrum). Maybe we should credit her claim, and treat her writings as the ravings of a lunatic, pending a recovery.


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