Back in day – the 1960s – I forever battled with my high school’s insistence that my hair length should conform to school standards. Nothing has changed.

The West Australian Education Department mandates that public schools establish dress requirements but does no require a unique school uniform. But since dictatorial lefties dominate public education, many schools have prescriptive uniform requirements.

When my kids – now all in their 30s – attended public schools, dress requirements were easily met: wearing the right colour top and shorts/skirt was good enough – parents could shop around, buying from Target, K Mart or whoever offered value for money.

Many public schools, however, now require that students wear a mandated uniform available only from the school’s uniform shop, these uniforms provided by a commercial vendor which also operates the school’s uniform shop.

A search of school uniform vendors in Perth gives limited results and even fewer school endorsements of uniform suppliers. Tudor Uniforms offers this:

Our college has been dealing with Tudor Uniforms since 1994. We have always found that the company is build on honesty, Integrity and loyalty. If we have ever encountered any problem with any of our uniform items…

Catholic College

Tara Uniforms has this from a private school:

Charlie & Kate – Soooooooo very grateful for the extra effort you put in regarding the Leaver’s top. The young girl was thrilled and all the kids gave me a big cheer when I took it to her class.

Thank you also for your prompt delivery of  Track pants – parents made a point of extending their satisfaction for quick turn around.


Dayle Russotti
Uniform Coordinator / Administration
St Anthony’s School Greenmount

Tara Uniforms’ parent company also features this rather specific endorsement:

“Implementing a new mandatory school uniform at Comet Bay College has significantly improved the image of the College within the local community. More importantly wearing the new uniform has instilled a sense of pride and belonging within the students.

Matrix Uniforms has been with us every step of the way from sharing my vision of what I want the uniform to achieve to designing, implementing and retailing the new uniform. Their “can do” attitude and reliability means I can focus my energy on core educational activities and running the school knowing the uniform shop is in safe hands.”

James Hayres

Principal – Comet Bay College

Comet Bay College’s website has the following:

The College Board has endorsed a Dress Code for all students attending Comet Bay College.
We believe that a College dress code:

  • Enhances the public image of the College.
  • Assists in building College spirit.
  • Ensures students are safely dressed for specific College activities.
  • Enables teachers to quickly identify our own students from intruders on College premises.
  • Enables teachers to quickly identify our students on excursions.
  • Encourages equity among students.
  • Prepares students for work as most work places have dress codes.
  • Is economical for parents.

All students and parents have been advised of our College Dress Code and have signed the Enrolment Form to comply with it.  Students are to comply with the Dress Code to be eligible to participate in excursions, camps and extra-curricular activities, including the ‘Reward Days’ that are held each term.   It is not acceptable for any students not to comply to the College Uniform Policy.


This Uniform and Dress Code applies at all times when students are required to wear their College uniforms before, during and after school and whilst attending excursions, with no exceptions. All uniforms must be purchased from the College Uniform Shop.

Whereas I’m not suggesting malfeasance on the part of principal Hayres, it is unusual that the principal of a public school has entered into a sole source agreement with a private sole source supplier of school uniforms for his school and publicly endorses that company.

Please note: I’m merely questioning the propriety of Principal Hayres’s entering into a sole source contact with a uniform supplier and his subsequent endorsement of that company. Any commenter who suggests malfeasance on the part of Principal Hayres is solely liable for the costs of any subsequent legal action.

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