A Tasmanian author – whose head looks to be on the verge of explosion as a result of the well known Milo effect – opposes the upcoming publication of  Yiannopolous’s Dangerous:


Hobart-born Bradley Trevor Greive, a former Australian Army paratrooper whose Blue Day Book featuring animal photos and humorous captions sold an estimated 20 million copies, attacked publishers Simon and Schuster (S&S) for their deal with Yiannopolous, who he described as a “hate peddler”.

“They have shamed me and tainted my book,” Greive wrote on his Facebook page.

“I am livid and nauseated in equal measure, and I know that many other S&S authors feel exactly the same way.”

“To share a printing press with Milo Yiannopoulos cheapens us all,” Greive said.

“It’s one thing to liberate a rat from the sewer, but something else entirely to place its likeness on our coat of arms.”

Employing lefty logic, Angry Eyes Grieve reasons that notwithstanding his opposition to Simon & Schuster publishing Dangerous, he thoroughly opposes censorship. Some really weird shit goes on inside lefties’ head alright.


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