Feminist, Guardian columnist and massive online presence Lindy West decides to leave the sewer that is Twitter:

Trump uses his Twitter account to set hate mobs on private citizens, attempt to silence journalists who write unfavourably about him, lie to the American people and bulldoze complex diplomatic relationships with other world powers. I quit Twitter because it feels unconscionable to be a part of it – to generate revenue for it, participate in its profoundly broken culture and lend my name to its legitimacy. Twitter is home to a wealth of fantastic anti-Trump organising, as well, but I’m personally weary of feeling hostage to a platform that has treated me and the people I care about so poorly. We can do good work elsewhere.

Daily Life writer/producer Jenny Noyes would follow West’s lead except for Twitter’s critical importance:

[West is] right, of course. But there is an obvious conundrum here, in that Twitter has become something of an essential communication service. Although West suggests people move on and “do good elsewhere”, that elsewhere doesn’t really exist right now – not for journalists, writers, entertainers, activists. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook? None of these platforms offer the possibilities for connection and immediate, global, viral communication that Twitter does.

Despite Twitter’s criticality Noyes foments mass female action:

Surely women – especially those of us who use the platform daily for our work – can do more to pressure Twitter into acknowledging our value and make it worth our while to stick around. Without us, what even is Twitter? Seriously. 

Let’s set a date. Friday the 13th, perhaps. And on that day, we collectively deactivate. (At dawn – for extra dramatic effect – if you like.) 

It’s time to hold a strike until Twitter drains its swamp. Who’s with me?

Will Australia’s swamp queen join the boycott? I hope not; she’s a reliable source of daily humour.

One thought on “TWITTER: SEWER OR SWAMP?

  1. Hahaha. The Feminazis hate it when their main weapon of hate, insults, whining and lies is turned against them by Trump. The more they winged about this the happier I am, bent out of shape feminists make my day.


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