An email from the 2017 Perth Writers Festival reminds subscribers – via an ancient, pre-blob photograph – of Clementine Ford’s participation in the event.


Ford’s PWF bio is interesting in that her status as best-selling author isn’t mentioned:

Clementine Ford is a freelance writer, broadcaster and public speaker based in Melbourne. She writes on feminism, pop culture and social issues.

“Broadcaster” must refer to Ford’s The Misandry Hour podcasts, the most recent of which went online in July, the sixth episode in a “monthly” series for which she has accepted many thousands of dollars in donations over the past 18 months.

One final thing: if I am lucky enough to be able to create The Misandry Hour, the first show won’t conceivably be aired for at least two and maybe even three months. This is because I need to find and hire a producer, buy equipment and put all the variables into place. However, after that it will a steady monthly stream of misandry, delivered direct to your ears. 

Ford reassures donors that her plea for funding is strictly legit:

I have a regular job and am very fortunate to make a living (currently) from being a writer. So this isn’t an account to fund or support my lifestyle.

If not funding her lifestyle, what is it funding, exactly?

For those in Perth wanting to meet Ford in the flesh, here are her appearances:

24 February 2017:

Does the Australia of the ‘fair go’ exist anymore?

It used to be one of the values Australians respected most, but does it actually apply to welfare, education, environment and equality? We ask William Maley and Clementine Ford what sort of country we are becoming. With Andrew Burrell.

25 February 2017:

What does political activism look like in 2017?

At a time when we are more connected than ever before, and when more people get their news from their Twitter feed than traditional media, are we mistaking social media activity for political activism? Is clicktivism the new norm when it comes to political participation? Clementine Ford and Jeff Sparrow talk to David Cohen about political engagement in 2017.

The evil “patriarchy” and “rape culture” will no doubt feature prominently at both, whereas a discussion of feminist ethics, or lack thereof, would be the most appropriate topic for discussion.


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