This afternoon while driving through several kilometres of stop and go traffic at a notorious choke point the 30 something female driver of the SUV immediately behind – maybe two coats of paint off my rear bumper – three times tooted her horn. The apparent source of her displeasure? I wasn’t following the car in front close enough.

Aggressive female assertiveness comes as no surprise. During my 30 years of high school teaching I noted that female students have become increasingly assertive, aggressive and arrogant. Male pupils are inclined to go off task and misbehave. Young females, on the other hand, tend to criticise lessons, complain of boredom, question the quality of teaching and demand respect for their expression of opinions.

This classic lefty introduction to an article – by a female psychologist –  lamenting the plight of female underwear shoppers therefore comes as no surprise:

Bra shopping. It’s not easy at the best of times.

The article that follows is truly pathetic. No one, other than whiny lefty halfwits, would regard an article on the trials and tribulations of lingerie shopping as anything other than a joke.


  1. I have to agree about modern young women; they are even more dangerous and aggressive than their male age-peers and do drive right up close to one’s clacker, usually gripping the steering wheel tightly and sitting leaning forward. The difference between them and their male counterparts is usually that the lads have far more experience and understanding in managing and maintaining vehicles and have better skills. I always let such impatient and aggressive princesses pass me as soon as I can so I watch any mayhem from a safe viewpoint.


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