Femifascist Clementine Ford never says anything about the ongoing ill-treatment of women throughout Muslim-dominated countries but goes into OCD overdrive when President Trump reinstates a ban on U.S. funded NGOs suggesting abortion as a means of family planning:


The so-called “gag order” prohibits U.S. funded NGOs having policies of abortion recommendation and referral. Trump’s reinstatement is mostly symbolic in that it will probably have little effect on abortion numbers because counsellors employed by the NGOs will likely continue to recommend and refer for abortions.

Ford and fellow femifascists would do well to address some of the actual problems confronting women. But she’s unlikely to do that in that doing so would require her to actually know what she’s talking about rather than simply portraying herself and privileged western women as victims. It’s all about a quick buck.



One thought on “IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY

  1. “Abortion is reproductive health care. It is an essential procedure that saves lives.”

    I would have thought abortion actually kills a life, but also that not having sex or using contraceptives so that pregnancy cannot occur might be cheaper and simpler with abortion being saved for medical situations and when some poor woman has become pregnant after being raped [by a real man as distinct from some sheila who identifies as male].


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