Trump’s successful bid for the presidency prompts ABC News business and finance specialist David Taylor to reflect on his unsuccessful run for house captain in primary school, defeated by a “mini Donald Trump”. (Updated.)

I produced a speech, and, nervously, delivered it. Then, the wait…. for the votes to come in.

Lunchtime was a chance to swap stories… who said what, who bombed, who produced some laughs.

What happened next has stayed with me since that day.

A kid from another house told us all gleefully that Jack – another boy vying for house captain – had delivered the best speech of the day.

What was in it?

He promised that, within weeks of being elected, he would have Coke coming out of the bubblers, and McDonald’s at the tuck shop.

We were speechless. After some initial outrage, we thought, of course, that’s genius! But how was he going to be able to do that?!

Of course weeks went by and … nothing. There was no Coke coming out of the bubblers, and the school canteen continued to serve up copious amounts of nutritious, healthy food.

The students, who were of course no fools, demanded to know when Jack was going to deliver on his promises.

His response? 

“The teachers won’t let me!”

After an initial cry of bitterness and disappointment, he once again rallied the troops. It was now time to take action against the teachers for putting a stop to it.

Jack reminds me a lot of Donald Trump and his progress to date as president-elect, and president.

Billed as “analysis” by ABC News, Taylor’s story is nonsense. Regardless, Trump’s only been in office a week so it’s a bit too soon to comment on his “progress to date”.

Update: ABC News Washington bureau chief Zoe Daniel is exhausted just from watching Trump in action:

[T]he President of the United States of America [is] wasting no time making his mark.

He gave notice that the new administration would:

  • repeal Obamacare
  • stop funding NGOs that support or perform abortions abroad
  • construct a wall along the Mexican border and employ more border agents
  • stop funding for so-called sanctuary cities that don’t enforce immigration laws
  • deport those in the country illegally who have criminal records
  • review manufacturing industry approval processes
  • ensure American pipelines are made with American steel, where possible
  • speed up environmental reviews for infrastructure projects including the Dakota Access and Keystone oil pipelines
  • freeze hiring in all federal agencies, except the military and public safety positions
  • pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

So that was week one, episode one. Phew. Are you keeping up?

Executive orders, just FYI, are unilateral actions taken by the President that have much the same weight as federal laws.

Usually they give policy direction to federal departments, although some can be subject to repeal or change by Congress and Supreme Court review. Here’s a good primer if you’re a nerd for constitutional technicalities.

It was a week in which Mr Trump went hell for leather to meet commitments made to those who voted for him that he will be an action man when it comes to leadership.

Reasonably balanced reporting from the ABC. WTF?

Not worry, Daniel’s piece goes on to flay Trump and co.


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