Before the birth of his twin daughters Melbourne comedian Ben Pobjie thought having girls would be easier than having boys:

When I had no children, I had thought that having girls would be easier than having boys, but when my twin girls came along, the real world hit me like a freight train. The girls are nearly eight now, and I don’t look like running out of things to worry about any time soon.

Pobjie need not worry; his girls are big winners in the genetic lottery:

I know my daughters. They are bright, quick-witted, funny as hell, and frequently entirely infuriating.

They got “infuriating” from daddy.

4 thoughts on “GOOD ON YA MUM

  1. Wait until they reach their teens and puberty kicks in. An experienced woman high school teacher, the proud[?] mother of three female adolescents, once told me they should be consigned to and marooned on a desert island until they reached at least 22 years and learned some manners. Boys are much easier than girls. Boys respond to direct approaches; girls are devious and just whine.


  2. I would agree that about the end of grade three and into grade 4 they start to sharpen their talons, but can still be contained for a while longer. A senior woman teacher I knew used to talk about the “awful eights” and I certainly get a lot of behaviour referrals for kids [boys and girls] in the 7+ to 9 range when they have [apparently] suddenly started to challenge their mothers. Of course the foundation for such behaviour was laid much earlier by lazy or ineffectual parents.


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