Celeste Liddle uses semantics in attempting to counter reality:

Following news of a murder or mass shooting incident, there is often a meme I see floating around social media. On it is a chart with a number of colours ranging from black, through hues of brown, then on to pink, beige and finally white, held up next to a cartoon man with fair skin.

The lighter colours are labelled “mentally ill” on the chart, whereas the darker colours denote “terrorist”. It’s perhaps a crude demonstration of a phenomenon we see play out time and time again when violent crime is reported.

This is not to make light of the impact that mental health issues can have on a person’s life. It’s just that when it comes to crimes committed by people of colour, their mental health status and social network seem to be of little importance. If they’re Muslim, that fact will be highlighted. Terrorism will not be dismissed so quickly. Indeed, even if the police investigations conclude that the crime is not a “terrorist attack”, the message that filters to the press and the public often remains the opposite.

“Muslim” is highlighted because Islam requires participation in “jihad”, promises entry to, and rewards, in heaven for Infidel killers and because many Muslims are supportive of jihad.

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