After reading that Ashton Kutcher received three times the pay accorded to No Strings Attached co-star Natalie Portman I undertook some research on the gender pay gap and discovered that the gap is indeed real.

Imagine my chagrin on discerning that in one field a gender is not only underrepresented, it’s also massively underpaid:

Elizabeth Rose manages male models at Premier, which has helped build the careers of Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.

“I think it’s the only industry where men get paid less than women. It’s unfair for men [and] I wouldn’t say it’s female empowerment at all.”

She says a woman could be paid up to £40,000 for walking in a top show.

A male model would only get £10,000 on average.

For those at the top the pay gap is huge:

Figures form Forbes compiled over the past couple years show that female models make millions more than their males, especially when looking at the top 10 earners of each respective gender. And there’s no contest when you compare the highest paid female supermodel (the recently retired Gisele Bundchen, at over $47 million for 2014) with the most handsomely compensated male model (Sean O’Pry at over $1.5 million in 2013.)

It’s not fair and must be rectified.


  1. I noted the media reporting around Natalie Portman. Like all top Hollywood actors she would have an agent, or management team. It’s their responsibility to negotiate her movie deals. Why the guilt trip for everyone else?


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