A March event to honour International Women’s Day:

The Molly Hadfield Social Justice Oration is a community event held annually by Darebin City Council in celebration of International Women’s Day. The event is a tribute to respected Darebin resident Molly Hadfield OAM, who worked tirelessly to advance women’s and seniors rights. 

This year’s oration will explore openly and honestly the state of the world we live in through a keynote speech by Clementine Ford and will feature artistic performances.

Considering Ford has documented her purchase of a video and dildo to help address post-birth incontinence problems and her inability to cope with her newborn’s sleep issues, her presentation will undoubtedly be open, but honesty – as in truthfulness – is unlikely.

A few months back Ford was forced to apologise for inaccuracy and only a few weeks ago inflated an alleged gender-based pay inequality.

The Molly Hadfield promo is slightly suspect in that it directly derives from Ford’s speaker-for-hire page:

Clementine’s work has also appeared in the Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Girlfriend, CLEO, Sunday Life and The Big Issue. Clementine has been a guest on ABC’s Q and A, Channel Nine Mornings and is a frequent contributor to Channel Ten’s The Project.

Ford’s appearances in Cosmopolitan, Girlfriend and Cleo somehow elude Google and she definitely is not “a frequent contributor to Channel Ten’s The Project“.

Ford , whose Twitter account prominently features a photo of her stuffing food into her mouth, has parlayed self-induced body image issues -as described in Fight Like a Girl – into a lucrative writing career, constantly portrays herself as victim.

How about you suck it up, accept responsibility and get on with it?

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