Like Antony Loewenstein, Clementine Ford is oblivious of her own inanity. Unlike Loewenstein, Ford is bitter, twisted and foulmouthed. They’re both easy targets but ridiculing Ford is particularly enjoyable.

The latest Daily Life column from Ford examines, through the distorted lens of feminism, the live-to-air clash between fellow News conservatives Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine. Ford sees the minor fracas as Bolt – an agent of the patriarchy – putting an uppity female in her place. The verbal stoush comes as no surprise, however, considering Bolt and Devine strongly disagree on the Liberal leadership, each regarding the other as delusional.

Ford’s column is the same old feminist women-are-victims schtick, with irrelevant references to the gender “pay gap” and “rape culture”. Special attention goes to Bolt’s blog and its “borderline illiterate readership”, which Ford imagines unleashed “their fury on [Devine].”

A professional wordsmith really shouldn’t point to the supposed reading and writing deficiencies of non-professionals when her column contains this clanger:

As Crikey detailed, one clearly addled reader described Devine as being “just another screeching leftie”. Because when I think of the woman who once defended the use of the word “gay” as an insult because “young people use ‘gay’ to mean lame, or dumb or stupid”, the first thing that comes to mind is a bra-burning leftist harridan who probably sleeps on a hammock knitted from her own public hair.

Finally, it was her defence of the word “gay” as meaning lame, dumb or stupid that prompted Ford to call Devine a “fucking cunt”.  PhD Mark McCormack a British sociologist specialising in masculinites and sexualities at Brunel University, London agrees with Devine: “gay” is now often used non-homophobically to mean lame, dumb or stupid.

Ford may not be gay, but her writing certainly is.

Update: Here’s a screen-grab of the original, which is now corrected.


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